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The Cautious Investor

The trusted Advisors of our Warren Office contribute a monthly article, The Cautious Investor, to The Youngstown Business Journal.

What To Expect From Your Financial Advisor in Bear Markets

July 19, 2022 |

By Ryan Glinn CFP®, MBA, , CLTC® U.S. equity markets entered bear market territory in June for the first time since the COVID pandemic in early 2020. A bear market is signified by a decline of 20% or more from its peak. What should you expect from your advisor when volatile times like this occur?…

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Staying Mentally Healthy In Bumpy Markets

May 16, 2022 |

By: Jonathan Lapine, CPA, CFP® If you’ve been an investor for a little while, you’ve experienced rough markets before.  Intellectually, we understand that this is the nature of investing.  Emotionally, that doesn’t mean we have to enjoy watching account balances take a step back during market downturns like the one that has greeted us thus…

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Developing A Financial Plan that Fits

April 18, 2022 |

By Jonathan Lapine, CPA, CFP® For close to two decades now, individuals have come to expect that developing and maintaining a Financial Plan would be included in a Financial Advisor’s list of services offered.  As Certified Financial Planners W3’s founders were among the early adopters, utilizing technologies in the 1990s (e.g., Monte Carlo Simulations) that…

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Be Wary of Cyber Threats

March 17, 2022 |

By Ryan Glinn, CFP®, MBA, CLTC® Cyber attacks are on the rise. The year 2021 saw the average data breach top $4 million dollars, the highest figure in 17 years. Sixty-one percent of all reported data breaches were due to stolen credentials, and many of these were the result of human error.[1] It’s as important now more…

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Plan Your Charitable Giving

December 6, 2021 |

By Paulette C. Pasquale CFP® The last few years have brought a lot of changes for charities and their donors.  In 2018, income tax standard deductions increased, eliminating an incentive for donors to make charitable contributions. With the continued crisis triggered by COVID-19 as well as natural and humanitarian disasters over the past two years,…

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The Retirement Savings Side Hustle

November 3, 2021 |

By Ryan Glinn CFP®, MBA, CLTC® It’s common under W-2 employee arrangements for folks to have access to qualified plans such as a 401(k) or 403(b). Yet, many Americans work additional jobs as 1099 employees or independent contractors. This makes you a sole proprietor by default in the eyes of the IRS. For people in…

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What is ESG Investing?

November 3, 2021 |

Many investors have the desire to reflect their morals in the way they invest. This demand led to the development of criteria to measure how investments or companies perform in certain categories. These metrics are known by the main categories that are considered- ESG, or Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. Environmental factors look at the…

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Exiting Your Business Doesn’t Have to be Overwhelming:  Some Common Questions about Succession Planning

September 20, 2021 |

By Jonathan Lapine CPA, CFP® For many business owners, that bittersweet moment after you’ve exited your business is not difficult to imagine.  Being able to take long, uninterrupted vacations, attending grandchildren’s sporting events and knowing that the next time an angry customer calls it won’t be you on the receiving end.  On the other hand, it’s…

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Maximize Your 401(k) with Roth and After-Tax Dollars

September 20, 2021 |

By Ryan Glinn, CFP®, MBA,  CLTC® You typically become eligible to participate in a company’s 401(k) or other retirement plan after one year of service. Determining how much you can afford to save is crucial. However, “where” you are saving is also important. Roughly 70% of large and mid-size companies now offer a Roth provision.[1] …

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Why Women Need to Plan

August 2, 2021 |

By Paulette C. Pasquale,CFP® Whether by choice or chance, women are more likely to manage their own financial affairs and plan independently at some point in their lives.  It is no secret that women outlive men, on average by six to eight years. There is also an increase in “grey divorce” which means older-aged couples…

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