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Concerned That Your Dreams of Retirement May Be Eluding You?

Shelby Morgan, Founder and Principal of W3 Financial Group, shared his expertise with Akron Life and Leisure Magazine regarding a recent 401(k) participant study by Charles Schwab.

“According to a recent study* 14% of American workers think it is unlikely and 49% somewhat likely they will reach their retirement goals. At W3 Financial Group, we address the stress and uncertainty about clients’s retirement future by first helping them develop a plan that addresses both their financial and non-financial goals.
Next, we schedule regular reviews that provide objective, proactive advice to help keep our clients on track to meet their goals and address potential challenges such as tax changes, market volatility, and inflation.
We have found that communicating regularly to discuss how and why our client’s money is organized and invested is the key to helping them sleep at night knowing their dreams of retirement can, indeed, become a reality. ”

Shelby Morgan

After an extended period of inflationary pressure and increased economic uncertainty, pre-retirees now believe they’ll need to save an average of $1.8 million for retirement, compared to $1.7 million last year according to new survey data published by Charles Schwab. The survey results show how inflation and market volatility are hurting pre-retirees perception of their ability to save for retirement.

Our goal as advisors is to help clients remain focused on their long-term goals and stay the course during turbulent times, allowing them to achieve their long-term financial ambitions and experience some degree of peace of mind along the way. We address the stress and uncertainty about clients’ retirement future by helping them develop a plan that addresses their financial and non-financial goals.

We focus on continually educating and communicating with our clients about how and why their money is organized and invested and how new laws and regulations such as the Secure 2.0 Act may affect their retirement goals. This Act, passed late last year, also affects the rules for inherited IRAs and future estate tax exclusions, which will revert to 2017 levels in 2026.

*Charles Schwab 401(K) Particpant Study 2023

Shelby Morgan Akron Life Magazine Feature

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