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Risk Management

Each of us encounter different risks during the various stages of our financial lives and manage them accordingly. In the accumulation phase of our life, or our working years, the primary risk we manage is premature death. Most people commonly manage this risk through life insurance. However, during the distribution phase of our financial life, or retirement, we begin to face several other risks that can have a tremendous impact on our ability to successfully retire.

Common risks facing retirees:


The risk that our current portfolio may not provide us with the flexibility we need when unanticipated needs arise.


The risk of outliving the assets that we have set aside for retirement.


The risk of losing all or a significant portion of our money invested in the stock market.

Sequence of Returns

The risk incurring negative returns early in retirement while also taking withdrawals from our investment accounts.


The risk that the cost of goods and services will increase over time.


The risk of being forced to deplete a significant portion of our assets to pay for long-term care.


The risk of not being able to leave a financial legacy to people and/or organizations we care about most.


The risk that tax laws could change, causing a negative impact on the resources used to fund our income needs.

For over 30 years, we have helped clients prepare for and successfully retire by managing the risks mentioned above. No matter what stage you find yourself in, a W3 advisor is available to help you navigate these risks to ensure you are protecting yourself and your family from life’s storms.

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