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Financial Planning

W3's process for financial planning begins and ends with your goals in mind. We strive to create a consistent path for our clients to follow, but recognize that sometimes a change in course is warranted by life circumstances. That's why we believe it is imperative to meet with our clients on a regular basis to reassess their goals and course correct, if necessary. The steps below reflect the professional process you can expect when working with a W3 advisor. View the steps we take.

Gather Information &
Set Goals

Analyze Information &
Create Plan


Monitor &

Gather Information & Set Goals

Just as a doctor would not prescribe a treatment before fully understanding your current health issues and medical history, we would not recommend a financial plan without a thorough understanding of your current financial situation, history, and goals. To do this, we complete a financial and personal discovery process to get us on track to help you accomplish your life goals.

Analyze Information & Create Plan

The W3 Wealth Management team understands that wealth is more than numbers on a spreadsheet. Once we have an understanding of what you want your life to look like in the future, we work diligently to make that vision a reality by creating custom financial plans that address every stumbling block you may encounter on the way to success. But no matter how good a plan may be, it is always written in pencil, not stone; we will work with you to continually adjust as life plays out and circumstances change.

Implement Recommendations

Although a plan can serve as a guidepost pointing us in the right direction, it is only as good as the paper it is written on. W3 excels in implementing the strategies we recommend and helping you stay the course to achieve your goals. We communicate clearly and frequently to ensure that you know at all times what is happening in the process. We work directly with your current advisors (accountant, attorney, etc.) to coordinate and execute your plan because just as in sports, if the players are not on the same page, the plan is destined for failure.

Monitor & Adjust

Life is anything but predictable and sometimes it may seem as though everything we touch turns to gold, while other times it may feel as though our luck has dried up. We work hard to prepare you for the worst and plan for the best so that no matter what the outcome is, you will be ready. We continually monitor your investments to ensure it remains on track with your plan, communicate any changes to you and adjust as life dictates. A financial plan is a living document and we want to be there with you for life’s ups and downs.

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