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Investment Management

Life is anything but predictable and sometimes it may seem as though everything we touch turns to gold, while other times it may feel as though our luck has dried up. We work hard to prepare you for the worst and plan for the best so that no matter what the outcome is, you will be ready. We continually monitor your investments to ensure it remains on track with your plan, communicate any changes to you and adjust as life dictates. A financial plan is a living document and we want to be there with you for life’s ups and downs.

To illustrate how market volatility can affect the probability of successfully retiring, consider the experience of a couple retiring in 2007, before the market downturn, versus a couple retiring in 2009 during the market upswing. The couple that retired in 2009 will have a much greater probability of success than the couple that retired in 2007 and started drawing on their investment accounts due to the market volatility experienced during that time. Unfortunately, if the couple retiring in 2007 did not take volatility into account, they may be faced with the decision of going back to work. That is why we put specific portfolios in place for our clients nearing retirement that take into account market volatility and are invested conservatively to provide consistent returns throughout retirement.

Whether you are nearing retirement or just starting to save, your goals, tolerance for market fluctuation, and specific plans to use your wealth in the future require an investment portfolio that is tailored to your specific situation. We cannot predict what will happen in the stock market, but we can plan for the risks that are most likely to jeopardize your long-term success and plan accordingly.

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In the pre-retirement phase, a strategy of asset allocation is used to accumulate wealth by diversifying holdings among different type
of investment to balance risks and rewards.

In the retirement phase, a strategy of income allocation is used to diversify income among a variety of sources, each provides unique benefits for different income objectives as well as guard against key retirement risks.

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